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From "David Resnick" <>
Subject RE: includes property not working
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 05:36:14 GMT
No, I haven't. I looked at the docs for includesfile and because it didn't
mention it thought that it wouldn't expand properties. I just tried it and
it worked great. Thanks!

I am still curious why the property didn't work, though...

-----Original Message-----
From: Matt Benson [] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 17:19
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: includes property not working

Have you tried simply using includesfile rather than
includes with your fileset?  It should expand
properties and everything.


--- David Resnick <> wrote:

> I'm trying to include a list of files to delete in a
> text file which is read
> into a property (with properties expansion) and then
> used in the includes
> property of a fileset in a delete task. For some
> reason when there are line
> breaks in the text file, this isn't working!
> 		<loadfile property="to.delete"
> srcFile="ant.delete.txt">
> 			<filterchain>
> 				<expandproperties />
> 			</filterchain>
> 		</loadfile>
> 		<delete quiet="false" verbose="true"
> includeEmptyDirs="true">
> 			<fileset dir="${}"
> includes="${to.delete}" />
> 		</delete>
> If the list in the text file is separated by commas,
> it works fine. If I put
> each pattern on its own line none of the patterns
> are used.
> I've tried doing all sorts of line endings (unix,
> windows - I'm on windows
> BTW). When I echo the to.delete property, I can see
> that it holds exactly
> what it should. If I then put that text (including
> line breaks) as the
> includes property, it works fine.
> I've wasted a ton of time on this but am not able to
> get it working.
> Thanks!
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