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From Brent Bain <>
Subject Dynamically Changing Dependencies
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 18:14:49 GMT

Sorry if this is the wrong spot to ask this question but while I'm using
some 3rd party tasks the overall steps are probably fairly common.
I currently have an XML property file that has dependencies defined like the
    <version value="1.0" />
    <root value="aopalliance-${marketlive.libraries.aopalliance.version}" />
" />
    <jar value="${marketlive.libraries.aopalliance.root}/aopalliance.jar" />
    <type value="jar" />
     <path value="${marketlive.libraries.root}/clover-idea4-1.0.1_01" />
     <version vcalue="1.0.1_01" />
I'm trying to automate getting these using Savant.  To keep the looping to a
minimum I was attempting to do something like the following:
  <xmltask source="${basedir}/properties.libraries.xml">
   <copy path="/devprops/marketlive/libraries/library/name()"
property="temp.artifact.list" append="true" />

  <for list="${temp.artifact.list}"  param="temp.artifact.value">
    <artifactgroup id="marketlive50.core">
     <artifact group="apache" projectname="${temp.artifact.value}"
name="${temp.artifact.value}" version="1.0" type="jar"/>
The above was never fully flushed or thought out -- more just an example of
what I was shooting for.
What I need to end up with is almost an array of data that savant can read
in as a artifactgroup.  
In other words I want to be able to give savant the data from the xml
library property file and have it then go grab all the jars as needed.  This
xml prop file is used in other locations during the build process and it
just makes sense to me to keep all this type of data in one spot rather then
having it in two.
My current problem is with the xmltask -- it doesn't want to allow me to
copy the name() into the property -- but I don't see any other way to return
the xpath name... however if I'm going about this incorrectly and there is a
better way to handle this please don't hesitate to point it out!!
If there is a better list for this type of question please let me know -- I
looked around and didn't see a list on the Savant/XMLTask websites so I
wasn't sure where to ask and figured I'd give it a shot here.
In advance many thanks!
In advance many thanks!

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