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From "Conelly, Luis (GE Energy, Non GE, GENE)" <>
Subject RE: Setting log level of the XmlLogger
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 22:53:47 GMT
Ups... sorry, I believe you are trying to achieve the opposite as I

However, IIRC, that question has been asked before. I believe that by
tweaking a bit the xsl for the log, you can achieve what you want. The
$ANT_HOME/etc/log.xsl file contains the following line

<xsl:template match="message[@priority!='debug']">

Maybe tweaking a bit over there you can set the level you want

Hope this actually helps.


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From: Conelly, Luis (GE Energy, Non GE, GENE)
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 5:31 PM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: RE: Setting log level of the XmlLogger

this might help a bit:

ant -logger -verbose -logfile log.xml


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From: Ninju Bohra []
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 5:05 PM
To: Ant Users Group
Subject: Setting log level of the XmlLogger

Hello all,
This is a question of how ANT is used by the CruiseControl project (some
cross-team synergy here, yea!!).  If you are not using CruiseControl and/ANT
this message may not be very useful (but still educational :-) )
When CruiseControl kicks off my ant build.xml file, I set the
useLogger="false" in my <ant> element it spawns an ANT process with the
following command parameters:
[cc]Apr-13 17:02:24 AntBuilder    - Executing Command:
\\gsu1\gsu1-d\tools\ant\bin\ant.bat -listener
-DXmlLogger.file=log.xml -Dcclastbuildtimestamp=20050413153327
-Dlabel=build.36 -Dcclastgoodbuildtimestamp=20050413153327
-Dlastbuildsuccessful=false -Dst.cybere.changed=true
-Dcvstimestamp=2005-04-13 22:02:07 GMT -Dcctimestamp=
-Dsuperbuild_props_loc=C:/ccbuild/Mainline/ -buildfile
Now the ANT process is invoked using the XmlLogger (in listener mode) to
capture the output.  My issue is that the granularity of the data written to
the XML output is of a greater detail that what is written to the screen.
Looking at the code for the XmlLogger class, I see that the value of the
msgOutputLevel attribute is initialized to Project.MSG_DEBUG.  It is this
level that is allowing more data to be written to the log file (I believe).
Is there any way to set the XmlLogger output level to Project.MSG_INFO from
the command line?
Ninju Bohra

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