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From "Thomas George" <>
Subject Problems with build file
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 19:48:39 GMT

I'm getting strange javac error messages from an Ant build and since I'm a
new Ant user, I'm really not sure where to start troubleshooting.

Here is the error:

[javac] src\[PathToFile]\ added as
src/[PathToFile]\filenameDTO.class doesn't exist.

I can't tell if the file is not being found, or if its not being writtne
into the src directory

Here is my build.xml:

<project name="MyProject" default="dist" basedir=".">
        simple example build file
  <!-- set global properties for this build -->
  <property name="build" location="build"/>
  <property name="dist"  location="dist"/>
  <property name="Model" location="Model"/>
  <property name="viewController" location="viewController"/>

<path id="buildClasspath">
      <fileset dir="./lib/" includes="*.jar" />

<!-- Targets -->

  <target name="init">
    <!-- Create the time stamp -->
    <!-- Create the build directory structure used by compile -->
    <mkdir dir="${build}"/>

  <target name="compile" depends="init" description="compile the source " >
    <!-- Compile the java code from ${src} into ${build} -->
    <javac srcdir="${Model}" destdir="${build}" source="1.4" target="1.4"/>
    <javac srcdir="${viewController}" destdir="${build}" source="1.4"
  <target name="dist" depends="compile" description="generate the
distribution" >
    <!-- Create the distribution directory -->
    <mkdir dir="${dist}/lib"/>

    <!-- Put everything in ${build} into the MyProject-${DSTAMP}.jar file
    <jar jarfile="${dist}/lib/MyProject-${DSTAMP}.jar" basedir="${build}"/>

  <target name="clean"
        description="clean up" >
    <!-- Delete the ${build} and ${dist} directory trees -->
    <delete dir="${build}"/>
    <delete dir="${dist}"/>

All of the necessary .jar libraries are in ./lib

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated..!

Much thanks,


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