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From "Anderson, Rob (Global Trade)" <>
Subject RE: ANT <CVS> Task
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 18:12:46 GMT
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> Subject: Re: ANT <CVS> Task
> Here's then another question:
> Normally, I tag cvs repository as soon as I checkout since I 
> do not lock the 
> repository during a build.  If I tag after a successful 
> build, don't I take 
> the chance of someone checking in code between the time I 
> checked out to 
> build's completion?  If someone checked in code while I was 
> building then 
> the integrity of my build is questionable, no?

This is true only if you are doing an rtag. A cvs tag will label what you currently have checked
out in your workspace.

> Then again I'm not clear of CVS Tagging architecture, in the 
> sense, that 
> whether it matches my local working folder's date/time stamp 
> to the live 
> repository and that is what it tags only or tags the live 
> repository at its 
> current state?   Which is the case?  Does it matter when a 
> buildmaster tags 
> their project?

cvs rtag will tag the repository, cvs tag will tag your workspace. Two options:

1. cvs rtag, then checkout the tag with cvs co -r tagname
2. cvs co first, then cvs tag

These two possibilities will ensure that what you are building is what is tagged, and vice-versa.

-Rob A 

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