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From Brian Agnew <>
Subject Re: "clone" ejb-jar with input from XML file
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2005 17:15:48 GMT
You can do this with <xmltask> and the <call> instruction. Using <call> 
you can call a subtarget setting properties etc. as required.

e.g. some pseudocode if your ejb requirements, names etc. are specced in 
an xml file called ejbs.xml

<xmltask source="ejbs.xml">
  <call path="/ejbs/ejb" target="build-ejb-jar">
    <param name="ejb-name" value="@name"/>

Of course the above depends on the precise specification of your input 
XML file.


Karr, David wrote:

>Using Ant 1.5.4 and JDK 1.4.2 (No flexibility here).
>I have a complex series of build operations I want to perform,
>concerning an ejb-jar and an input XML file.  I'm looking for some
>advice on what tools and pieces I can use to get this done.
>My input will be an ejb-jar file and an XML file describing what I need
>to produce.  For each of a particular element in the XML file, I will
>produce a "clone" ejb-jar where the ejb-jar.xml file is identical to the
>original except the "ejb-name" element will have a prefix added to it,
>and several environment entries will be added.
>This would be straightforward in pure Java, but I'm trying to do as much
>of this with Ant and xslt as possible.  Some pieces of this are
>straightforward with Ant, but some of the structural elements are not. I
>think the hard part is parsing the XML file to determine exactly what
>information to set in the cloned ejb-jar.xml file, and doing this in a
>loop (essentially).
>Would adding Beanshell (through BSF through Ant) make this easier to
>accomplish?  I've only briefly looked at this.
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