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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Re: StarTeam checkout task change
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2005 03:29:52 GMT
Burgess, Benjamin wrote:
> I am willing and able to help with the StarTeam tasks (just got company
> permission).  I did a search and found 13 open bugs/enhancements for
and am very familiar
> with StarTeam SDK programming.  Perhaps I should contact you (or you me)
> off list to better understand the process of contributing to Ant.
> Ben Burgess
No reason this has to be off list.  Basically, you make your changes by 
submitting patch files to the developers' list, which you can join, or, 
if they are in response to specific bugs, it is better to submit these 
patches as attachments to the specific bug in bugzilla.  Then you have 
to find a committer to put them into the build.  This was a problem for 
me because I wasn't a committer then.  And frankly, you may have to do a 
little nagging because the committers are busy people.  (Try to be nice 
in the nagging).

However, you have one advantage I didn't have - me.  I am now an Ant 
committer, I understand the code since I wrote it, and I'm willing to 
help you.  So I'd ask you to also email me when you submit a patch. 
I'll look it over, and if I find nothing wrong, commit it, or send it 
back to you for revision.

And thanks for volunteering!


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