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From Pollähne. Ullrich <>
Subject RE: Performance difference between 1.6.1 and 1.6.4 (in eclipse)
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 07:19:05 GMT
Hi Dominique,

now I start to understand the numbers. ;-)

The script contains a main target that simply calls the others with antcall (since it is simpler
to edit than editing the depends attribute).

Doing it this way:
        <antcall target="removeOldArtifacts" />

        <antcall target="getBIS6ModulesArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getBIS6SchedulerArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getBis6BaseArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getBis6CoreArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getSeeCommonArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getGenericFormsArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getPersistenceLayerArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getFrameworkArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getGuiArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getGuiModulesArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getBICArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getBICCommonASArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getResourcePoolArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getDtBase6Artifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getDtConnectors6Artifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getDtBaseXIArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getDtConnectorsXIArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getSeeLicenseArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getRepositoryArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getEdifactSecureArtifacts"/>
        <antcall target="getBIS6ProjectsArtifacts"/>

        <!-- refresh the eclipse workspace if inside eclipse -->
        <antcall target="refreshWorkspace"/>
takes 32 seconds (31 with a fixed heap of 80MB) with ANT 1.6.5.

Doing it this way:
            <target name="removeOldArtifacts" />
            <target name="getBIS6ModulesArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getBIS6SchedulerArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getBis6BaseArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getBis6CoreArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getSeeCommonArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getGenericFormsArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getPersistenceLayerArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getFrameworkArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getGuiArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getGuiModulesArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getBICArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getBICCommonASArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getResourcePoolArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getDtBase6Artifacts"/>
            <target name="getDtConnectors6Artifacts"/>
            <target name="getDtBaseXIArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getDtConnectorsXIArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getSeeLicenseArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getRepositoryArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getEdifactSecureArtifacts"/>
            <target name="getBIS6ProjectsArtifacts"/>

            <!-- refresh the eclipse workspace if inside eclipse -->
            <target name="refreshWorkspace"/>
just takes 12 seconds (with a fixed heap of 80MB) with ANT 1.6.5.
And this is nearly the same speed as with ANT 1.6.2.
So it seems that the dependency checking is slowing down the script.

The above targets do define some properties and then call the get task
(indirectly, they call a presetdef). They do not define any dependency,
just plain '<target name="getBIS6ModulesArtifacts">'.


> Ullrich, please run your scripts with the Performance listener from
> Ant-Contrib to give us some hints about which tasks are 
> taking longer in the
> newer version of Ant. Maybe if you can identify one or two 
> culprit tasks
> would you get more feedback? Thanks, --DD

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