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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.6.3+ and JunitReport
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 06:40:37 GMT
On Tue, 21 Jun 2005, Stephen Nesbitt <> wrote:

> Can anyone translate the Requirements note in the JunitReport task 
> documentation into something approximating english?

I think I've written it, so don't expect my second attempt to be any
better 8-)

> I've run smack dab into the problem of not being able to generate
> frames because of a conflict with Xalan,

This means you are currently using Xalan-J 1.x, correct?

> Is it a simple matter of downloading Xalan 2 and placing it in the
> ant lib?

This depends on your JDK.  But if you are using Xalan-J 1.x now, it is
a matter of replacing this with the 2.x version.  If Xalan 1.x is in
ANT_HOME/lib, replace it with the 2.x version.

> What about the presence of ant-xalan1.jar? Does it stay or go away?

It can stay or you can remove it.  I'd keep it since it doesn't do any


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