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From "Keith Hatton" <>
Subject RE: deployment of web app
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 12:49:38 GMT
I am not 100% sure that I have read your mail right but it sounds like
your WEB-INF folder is at the wrong level, which would make everything
else fail. (Are you using the <war> task? This should make building the
file quite easy).

A war file should have the following structure

(root)              <= put HTML, JSP, images etc. here
   +-(any folders)  <= put HTML, JSP, images etc. here
   +-WEB-INF        <= web.xml goes here
        +-classes   <= any classes (in your usual Java package directory
        +-lib       <= JAR files referenced by classes

It's years since I used Tomcat so I'm not sure about the specifics of
deployment to it any more, but generally if your War file is myapp.war,
then once deployed its default page would be at

Hope this helps

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Sent: 01 June 2005 13:21
To: Ant Users List
Subject: deployment of web app

I am attempting to deploy my first web application.  I have read many 
tutorials and have worked on it for sometime now.  I simply cannot 
understand what is needed to complete the process.  I do not know what 
files need to be modified and placed where.  This is what I have come up

with so far.  I have a web application called myapp.  Inside is a root 
directory called bluegrass.  Bluegrass holds all my jsp and html pages 
along with a WEB-INF folder.  This WEB-INF folder has three components.
Lib folder, a classes folder, and a web.xml file.  My classes folder
one java class.  I compile this application using ant.  I am left with a

.WAR file.  I take this .WAR file and place it in the root 
directory(webapps) of Tomcat5.5.  Tomcat then takes the war file and 
distributes to the directory.   I then go to my address line and type in

the following: http://localhost:8080/manager/deploy?path=/myapp.  When I

do this I continually receive a Failed: failed to find application at 
context path /myapp.  I then go back to check my file only to see that 
myapp is no longer there.  I am not sure why whole folder keeps 
disappearing.  Does anyone know if I am supposed to modify the
files or maybe create a context.xml file or modify the server.xml file??

This is what I am unclear on.  I can give more info if needed. 


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