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From "Brandon, Raymond" <>
Subject RE: AbstractCvsTask not executing second command???
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 07:08:18 GMT

But if these tasks are one time only can you please explain what the
difference is when I have an actual build.xml containing

    <target name="all">
        <cvs command="version" cvsroot=":pserver:cvs-user@<my hostname
here>:2401:/Repository" dest="c:\temp" />
        <cvs command="ls" cvsroot=":pserver:cvs-user@<my hostname
here>:2401:/Repository" dest="c:\temp" />

How is the execution of these two separate Tasks in a single Target object
handled differently than when I programmatically create a Target object with
2 separate Task object instances that fail in the same way?

I mean, I did not find any code in which the "state" (if any) was reset
between task execution and yet there seems to be a subtle difference between
the two.

In addition, when not writing to a file but to a Stream, the Stream is
closed after the command has been executed (which I found out when my
System.out.println didn't work anymore after I had set the OutputStream of
the AbstractCvsTask to System.out. This causes that the next command does
not produce any output because the Stream was closed by the previous
command. Since there's no way to reopen a Stream, I worked around it, by
setting the OutputStream to a new OutputStream object which delegates the
write(int b) method to System.out instead of setting the OutputStream of the
AbstractCvsTask directly to System.out. This way MY Stream is closed and not
System.out. But still it feels like a hack..



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> From: news [] On Behalf Of Antoine 
> Levy-Lambert
> Sent: Friday, June 17, 2005 08:39
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> Subject: Re: AbstractCvsTask not executing second command???
> Jeffrey E Care wrote:
> > Ant tasks are generally one-time use only.
> > 
> Well, actually, when they cannot be executed twice in a row, 
> it often means that they are buggy, because some instance 
> variables modified by the execution of the task are not reset 
> to their value before the execution of the task.
> @Brandon
> In your particular case, since there is a special task called 
> cvsversion, you might want to use it instead of using the 
> generic cvs task with "version" as command.
> Antoine
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