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From Alan Gutierrez <>
Subject Re: Import and Macro Warnings
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2005 19:45:29 GMT
* Alan Gutierrez <> [2005-10-06 15:22]:
>     I want to use a set of macros across projects, but when I write
>     scripts that integrate the builds, I start getting a lot of
>     warnings, even though the build works fine.
>     Duplicated project name in import. Project mix defined first in
>     /Users/alan/svn/xopen/enfilade/mix/mix.ant.xml and again in
>     /Users/alan/svn/xopen/xstrategy/mix/mix.ant.xml 
>     It's hard to imagine why I'd use the import facility if I can't
>     share an imported Ant file between projects.
>     and
>     Trying to override old definition of task sibling-ant
>     In this the override doesn't matter because the macro is only
>     called by the project that's building it's siblings (dependencies) .
>     Is there a way to surpress these warnings?

    I'm looking at the Subversion code and there seems to be an
    effort to supress the warings with a setIgnoreProject property.

    I'm not able to trigger this effect, however.

Alan Gutierrez - -

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