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From Matthias Halfmann <>
Subject Setting Project.MSG_ERR for compiler error messages
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 14:41:06 GMT

I am using ant 1.6.3 under Windows to build several
MSVC projects using jTaskdefs. The combination of ant
and jTaskdefs is overall working very well.

I am also using cruisecontrol to perform continuous
integration on the MSVC projects. Cruisecontrol uses
ant to perform builds when ever a change is detected
in the software repository. It also uses the output of
ant's XmlLogger to generate a final build report. The
output of the report doesn't include the actually
compiler error/warning messages. These seems to be
because ant is logging all of the output from
msdev.exe as MSG_INFO. 

The task vc6 (from jTaskdefs) has it's own logging
feature which is implemented by listening to all of
the BuildEvents. Is it possible to from within the vc6
task to receive the BuildEvents, parse them and if
necessary re-inject the BuildEvent with a different
Priority so that ant's XML log files reflects the
messages MSG_ERR / MSG_WARN priority?

Has anyone gotten something similar working with ant
in the past? I've looked through the mailing list
archives and other online documentation but I can't
seem to find any good information on the topic. If
anyone can point me into the right direction I'd
really appreciate it.


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