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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject Re: launch a different version of ant
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 15:27:44 GMT
> Hi Dominique, in Bug14941 we (you and me :) showed how to
> invoke Ant from inside a buildfile as usual java application.

Which just shows how quickly I forget now that my carreer seems to be
taking a C++ turn again! Yes, Ant can launch Ant itself thru <java
fork="true" ...> of course. I knew that ;-)

We used Cruz' <ant antscript="" ...> for two reasons:

1) We ran Cruz with JDK 1.4, while some of our builds required 1.5.
   Using an intermediate script allows total control of the build environment.

2) We had an official supercharged version of Ant under CVS, which had
   to be used by the builds. If running Ant within cruz (not forked),
that version
   of Ant had to be used by Cruz, but everytime Ant changed (new/updated
   custom tasks), we'd have to shutdown and restart Cruz, and we simply have
   too many of those (on 4 platforms!). So Cruz uses a fixed/stable Ant, and
   the script forked by Cruz does the CVS update of Ant before each build to
   ensure it has the very latest build tools and Ant extensions (of my
own doing ;-).
   This implies that each build had its own version of the build tools
(and Ant),
   to avoid concurrent access/modifications.

That's for the little story. Might inspire others. --DD


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