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From Anand Krishniyer <>
Subject Re: jar update does not work
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2005 00:20:13 GMT
Thanks Dominique
I was trying not to change the time-stamp of the jar files.

If there is no way around I would have to go with the 'touch' option 
only I suppose.


Dominique Devienne wrote:

>>When I manually run
>>jar ufM ${my.location}/applications/a.ear myclient.jar
>The command line jar command always does what you tell it to do.
>Ant's <jar> tries to be smarter, and does something when timestamp
>checking tells it something needs to be done, to enable incremental
>>it works fine. I need to figure out a way to update the ear with the jar
>>file all the time (even when the jars in the ear are newer).
>Looks like you're out of luck with <jar>, as it seems to be lacking a
>'force' attribute some other tasks have to bypass the timestamp
>As a work around, maybe you could <touch> the myclient.jar file prior
>to <jar>, which should make it newer than the version inside the jar,
>and thus indirectly force <jar> to re-include it. --DD
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