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From "Com Pegasus-CC-Hotline" <>
Subject How to conditionally add something to a path ?
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 10:56:22 GMT

I am trying to add an entry to a path, if some other
entry is not existant. I'm trying since hours now,=20
without success. I am somewhere here:

	<available file=3D"${jarpath}/**/jacorb*.jar"

	<path id=3D"classpath">
		<fileset dir=3D"${jarpath}">
		   <include name=3D"**/*.jar" />
		   <exclude name=3D"orbacus.jar" />
		   <isfalse property=3D"${jacorb.present}" />
		   <fileset dir=3D"${jarpath}">
		      <include name=3D"orbacus.jar" />

... but it doesn't work. A fileset doesn't accept a
if inside, and a if does not accept
a fileset inside, and so on ...

How can I do this???


PS: I also found
but it just "didn't" work. (I downloaded/placed the contrib jar 
and added the line
<taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/">
but it still said, that the fileset doesnt know the "unless".)

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