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From Arti Singh <>
Subject Re: Java.home changing
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 03:03:49 GMT
Hi Elana,
                  Questions regarding JAVA_HOME should be posted to a java newbie users  list.Never
the less I will help since I was using Eclipse ans had the  same problem a few years back.
  You need to set  your path to your J2SDK-j2sdk/bin directory in the auto exec.bat file.Try
sysedit:run sysecit
  set path=C:/j2sdk1.5_2/bin
  and then set your JAVA_HOME  in your environment variables to the name of the  folder which
contains the java sdk

"Peterson, Elena S" <> wrote:  Hello all,

I've searched and searched through the archive and cannot find an answer
to this particular question.  I have a simple build file with a javac
command.  I get this message when it runs:

C:\eclipse\workspace\PQuad\build.xml:131: Unable to find a javac
compiler; is not on the classpath.
Perhaps JAVA_HOME does not point to the JDK

So I checked to see what the value of java.home is and that's the part
that's confusing me.  Before any of the targets run it points to my jdk
(which is what the JAVA_HOME environment variable points to).  However
as soon as any target is called it points to a jre.

As you can tell from the error message I'm running this in eclipse 3.1.1
on a windows box.  I have none of the "other" ant environment variables
set.  Java is in my path (in the windows directory) but javac is not.

Any help/guidance you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.



Elena S. Peterson
Senior Research Scientist II
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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