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From James Fuller <>
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 07:27:48 GMT
Karthik wrote:

>Hi For
>   But every targets have to be run 
>   seperately for every deployment / roll back process for 1..n servers.

Hello Karthik,

I think one of the problems people encounter often when designing a
build/deploy system is trying to write the entire
script in one step.

All the problem(s) as you are defining, are regularly solved by Ant in
many different ways, so I would suggest;

* start off by writing one script for one machine, think about 1....n
machines after you have fully defined deployment on a single machine.

* define standard targets (read this

* parameterise your Ant script by using Ant properties, this way when u
do get around to deploying to other machines all you have to do is
supply different Ant properties instead of have a variation on Ant script

* another way to parameterise your Ant script is to have a run wrapper
(batch shell script) that runs Ant correctly for the platform (sets up
env vars...etc)

* investigate CruiseControl, LuntBuild, or perhaps AnthillPro which will
run your scripts at regular intervals and adds a bit of a management
layer on top of Ant; this makes your Ant scripts simpler as well

* note, Ant is really good at 'building' software, in sophisticated
deployments, for example where one is tracking incremental requirements
are being satisified in each build, or where the build and deployment
itself is a 'delta' type build that is just deploying certain components
or patches you may need to investigate something like smartfrog (HP),

start off simple and add complexity in incremental steps.

gl Jim Fuller

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