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From Ken Gentle <>
Subject Re: delete task in Ant
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 19:52:54 GMT
The leading "." in the filenames (".#Test.log.1.23") is what is 
preventing this pattern from matching.  That looks vaguely like an 
editor backup file or diff/merge tool backup file pattern.

If you're trying to delete files that are named more conventionally 
(Test.log.1.23), you'll probably need two includes in the fileset, like:
         <fileset dir=${buildDir}>
            <include name="*Test.log.*" />
           <include name=".#Test.log.*" />

Don't forget the quotes around the attribute value (name="") - I'm 
surprised you didn't get an error with the pattern as you have it below.


At 13:42 2006-01-06, you wrote:
>I have a file(s) that get created in the build directory that I want to
>delete, so I used the delete task
>         <fileset dir=${buildDir}>
>            <include name=*Test.log.* />
>         </fileset>
>The files that get created are:
>Why does the ant task not recognize these files? Is there something wrong
>with the pattern that I have given it?
>Thank you for your help
>Ajay Dharna
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