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From "JWM" <>
Subject Ant FTP Hangs
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 20:50:26 GMT
I have an ant script that date checks and FTPs several thousand files.  Ant
gets a portion of the way through it and hangs (I run -verbose).  I'll run
it again, and it'll get further (apparently because more files have already
been transferred each iteration), then hang again.  But it appears to be
diminishing returns.  After restarting a bunch of times, it now date checks
the first thousand or so, then transfers a couple of more.  Then locks up.
There is no error message.

I've tried this on different client machines and FTP'ing to different
servers with different FTP servers (linux on one, IIS on another).

Is FTP just that flaky?  

Is there any way I can get more information as to what is really happening?

Is there any trick to FTP'ing this massive number of files short of breaking
it up into a bunch of smaller separately-invoked ant scripts?

I'm a software developer and can debug if someone can give me at least the
zipcode of where to start looking.


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