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From Ninju Bohra <>
Subject Am I using the <present> selector (with <globmapper> mapper) correctly?
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 18:00:07 GMT
Hello all,
I need to keep a "derived" directory tree in synch with its source tree specifically with
regard to deletions in the source tree.
The source tree has a collection of documents of various types (.doc, .xls, etc...).  The
real directory is full tree (with many sub-dirs)
      --- Design.doc
      --- Testing.doc
      --- Plan.xls
While the "dervied" tree has the files converted to .pdf format (the base name are the same)
    --- Design.pdf
    --- Testing.pdf
    --- Plan.xls

I am able to handles updates/additions to the \Documentation tree (via CruiseControl and build
scripts) but I stuck on trying to propagate a deletion event.  The follow target does not
<target name="missing">
   <path id="">
      <fileset dir="PDFs">
        <present present="srconly" targetdir="Documentation">
             <mapper type="glob" from="*.*" to="*.pdf"/>
   <pathconvert targetos="windows" property="" refid=""/>
   <echo>Need to delete ${}</echo>

When I run it with -d I get:
Could not load a dependent class (com/sun/media/jai/codec/FileSeekableStream) for type image
Adding reference:
Could not load a dependent class (com/sun/media/jai/codec/FileSeekableStream) for type image
Could not load class ( for type cvsversion
Could not load a dependent class (jdepend/xmlui/JDepend) for type jdepend
fileset: Setup scanner in dir C:\CybeRe\PDFs with patternSet{ includes: [] excludes: [] }
[pathconvert] Set property =
Setting project property: ->
     [echo] Need to delete
Basically nothing is picked up by the scanner.
As an FYI, I tried use <globmapper .../> instead of <mapper type="glob" .../>
and got a:
C:\CybeRe\build.xml:5: Class doesn't
support the nested "globmapper" element.
which I did not expect.
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