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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: keep going after error
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 14:33:40 GMT
simon wrote:
> hello list
> i have a target for a cruisecontrol test.
>   <target name="htmlunit-meta" description="htmlunit-meta target">
>     <echo>Starting Lenya..</echo>
>     <exec dir="${basedir}" resolveexecutable="true"
> executable="" spawn="true"/>
>     <sleep seconds="20"/>
>     <waitfor maxwait="40" maxwaitunit="second" checkevery="4000">
>         <and>
>           <socket server="" port="8899"/>
>         </and>
>     </waitfor>
>     <ant dir="../../../test" inheritAll="false">
>       <property name=""
> value=""/>
>     </ant>
>     <echo>Stopping Lenya..</echo>
>     <exec dir="${basedir}" resolveexecutable="true"
> executable="" spawn="true"/>
>   </target>
> it executes a shell scrip that start the webapp. then it uses ant to
> test the webapp and after the test it should stop the webapp.
> it works fine as long as the tests are working fine, but as soon a test
> fails the whole things is stoped and does not execute the stop script
> for the webapp. but it is important execute the last step even if the
> step before fails.
> does sombody have a hint for me?

The way I have done this is dont have the junit tests fail, instead set 
a property if there was an error or failure. Then you shut down the 
server after running the tests and before creating the reports and 
calling <fail>

More recently I've been using cactus, which has an extended junit task 
that lets you declare different  <sequence>s to
run to start or stop an app server before and after running the tasks. I 
think it's a bit cactus biased, but may work for lenya too.


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