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From "Barak Yaish" <>
Subject RE: Question regarding the Jar task
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 08:30:28 GMT
Hello again,

Here is the target I configured in the build.xml, but it doesn't seems to be work:

<target name="jar_test" depends="compile_test">
<jar destfile="${jars}/test.jar" update="true">
	        <fileset dir="${common_output}" includes="com/manager/test/**"/>
	        <fileset dir="${sources}/test/" includes="properties/*.xml"/>
	<copy file="${sources}/common/properties/" todir="/tmp"/>
	<replace file="/tmp/" token="is_allow_mirror " value="do_not_allow_mirror"/>
	<zip destfile="${jars}/common.jar">
		<zipfileset dir="/tmp" includes="" fullpath="properties"/>

where common.jar is jar created in previous target. 

This is the relevant part of the ant output:

      [jar] Building jar: /home/barak/exec/debug_exec/lib/test.jar
      [copy] Copying 1 file to /tmp

Total time: 30 seconds

When I check the content of common.jar, I see the old version of
(with "is_allow_mirror"). The file under /tmp has the new value "do_not_allow_mirror".

Can you advice on that, please?



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Sent: ?? 22 ?????? 2006 10:04?
Subject: AW: Question regarding the Jar task

Because <jar> extends <zip> this example from the manual should help

  <zip destfile="${dist}/">
    <zipfileset dir="htdocs/manual" prefix="docs/user-guide"/>
    <zipfileset dir="." includes="ChangeLog27.txt" fullpath="docs/ChangeLog.txt"/>
    <zipfileset src="" includes="**/*.html" prefix="docs/examples"/>
  zips all files in the htdocs/manual directory into the docs/user-guide directory in
  the archive, adds the file ChangeLog27.txt in the current directory as
  docs/ChangeLog.txt, and includes all the html files in under
  docs/examples. The archive might end up containing the files:


>-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
>Von: Barak Yaish []
>Gesendet: Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2006 08:33
>Betreff: Question regarding the Jar task
>Hello all,
>Is it possible using the Jar task to add a file to a specific
>location in a jar file?
>For example, if there is a jar containing a folder named z
>inside a folder named x (/x/z). How should I use the Jar task
>to add some file into the z folder inside the jar file?

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