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From <>
Subject AW: AW: how to exec with a set of files as multiple arguments?
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 13:42:01 GMT
>> <fileset id/>
>> <pathconvert/>
>> <exec>
>>      <arg line/>
>> </>
>Thanks, that works OK.  <arg line=.../> is kind of deprecated, 
>but I assume there is no other way.

Manual sais 
  "It is highly recommended to avoid the line version when possible. Ant

  will try to split the command line in a way similar to what a (Unix) 
  shell would do, but may create something that is very different from 
  what you expect under some circumstances."

But it does not say that this is deprecated.

You should use <arg value> when possible so you have the direct control
the argument is split. But here you cant, because you dont know the
number of
files. (Ok, programming via API: Ant or DOM...)


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