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From <>
Subject AW: Value of xsl.file property
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 12:39:02 GMT
>Will the value of 'xsl.file' always be interface.xsl?

No. Can be overridden while starting with
  ant -Dxsl.file=another.stuff

>Also does the value of <available> matter since 'xml.file' in 
><condition> has the value.

Manual::CoreTasks::Condition-Supported conditions


  This condition is identical to the Available task, all attributes and 
  nested elements of that task are supported, the property and value attributes 
  are redundant and will be ignored.

>	 <property name="xsl.file" value="interface.xsl"/>

>         <!-- Set mom path -->
>         <condition property="xml.file" value="rbsmomComplete.xml">

Usually properties are immutable, so after setting via <property> nothing should happend.
But I´m not sure if <condition> does that too...

Jepp - seems so: getProject().setNewProperty() is used.


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