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From <>
Subject AW: Fwd: Problem with Website Frames?
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 07:02:51 GMT
>>> From
>>> 1) select the link "manual" under documentation.
>>> 2) select the link "Apache Ant" in the text on the RH frame.
>>> then opens up within that frame.
>>> 3) Now repeat the procedure which continues to open frame-after- 
>>> frame across RH side of the browser.
>>> Strange.
>Well, yes.  But I guess it is sort of intentional, we don't 
>want to lose the RH navigation when the user switches from the 
>manual to the website.  In a way it does make sense.  The 
>alternative would be to open the website in a new window.
>It certainly looks confusing if one does what you describe, 
>but why would anybody want to do that?  Why would you click on 
>Manual after leaving the manual for the website?

I thought a target="_top" which (re)opens the Ant website in the
main-frame should be enought (and not against some intentions ;-)
So I patched that. Should be cought by the robot in a few hours. 


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