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From "Roman Gavrilov" <>
Subject RE: Extend lib-path
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2006 13:48:08 GMT
RG>I have a task that depend on a .jar. Is there a way to point 
RG>the ant to the .jar in question from within build file? I.e. 
RG>kind of set -lib from the script?

Jan> Providing that inside the classpath of <taskdef> ?

Doesn't work, it complains that it "could not create task junit!", but
if I run ant as "ant -cp ..\lib\junit.jar" it works just fine.

Task def looks as follows:
    <taskdef resource="net/sf/ant4eclipse/antlib.xml"
            <pathelement location="${LIB_PATH}/junit.jar" />

BTW, The task itself does not allow nested classpath elements.


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