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From Ron Jeffries <>
Subject Re: Exception in Style
Date Sun, 23 Apr 2006 18:14:40 GMT
On Sunday, April 23, 2006, at 1:12:07 PM, Steve Loughran wrote:

> yeah. thats the sun deriviative of Xalan. you need a real one :)

>> There /is/ a jar named ant-xalan1.jar under ANT_HOME, and I had the
>> impression that Ant uses its own shipped XSL transformer, though it
>> is a version of Xalan, I guess.

> Ant ships xerces, but not XSL engine. ant-xalan1.jar is not xalan; it is
> those .class files of ant that depend on xalan1,.

>> Anyway, if I understand you, maybe I can find the xalan that is
>> being used, download a new one, and ascertain whether the bug is
>> fixed in the latest version. If not, I can then join the appropriate
>> list and submit a bug report to the xalan team.

> You are probably using the version of Xalan that came with Java. Get a
> new version first -it may fix your problem immediately. if not, create a
> good self-contained test case and report the bug against xalan.

Hi Steve ... thanks for the follow-up. Based on what you and Antoine
said, I started digging down to find a newer version of xalan,
install it, hook it up as you guys suggested, testing my stuff again
... it feels like a rat-hole to me.

A better man would take the hour or two it would require to do all
that. My learning, teaching, and proselytizing go in other
directions, and I think that's where my energy needs to be put.
Right now, I think I'll stop where I am, with running code.

Thanks to you and Antoine for the pointers: I'll save them against
the day when something else breaks. I'm sure that day will come.

Thanks again!

Ron Jeffries
Get over it.  -- The Eagles

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