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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: <apply> over multiple directories?
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 13:44:03 GMT
On 4/10/06, Daniel Noll <> wrote:
> Dominique Devienne wrote:
> > I've used <cc> extensively with C/C++/Fortran, and although there's a
> > learning curve to it, it's very good IMHO. Have you discussed your
> > issues on the Ant-Contrib list? But I'll grant you, going the <cc>
> > route is a significant investement. The dependency management is very
> > good though, and allows to do reliable incremental builds. --DD
> Yeah, the dependency stuff is the main reason I was interested in it.
> That and the ease of adding flags for specific operating systems while
> not affecting the others.
> I did raise the issue over on the ant-contrib forums, but didn't get a
> response.  The issue seems to be that even when you say name="g++", it
> still compiles with "gcc".  I couldn't tell this for sure with the time
> I had, but I did make the observation that the output from <cc> was the
> same as when you forget to use g++ instead of gcc: you get missing
> libraries.  I might just end up hacking the code since it seems like
> people have raised similar bugs of this nature on their bug tracker but
> which never get attention from the actual developers.

OK, can't argue there... We did add support for g++ and SUN's C
compiler by hacking the code. And to be frank, there was significant
resistance to <cc> from some people where I used to work. Overall
though, I was very satisfied with <cc>.

The one tricky thing I ran into wasthe "auction" mechanism used by
compilers to grab files. After adding SUN's C compiler, and having a C
and C++ compiler defined, I assumed C files would be processed by the
C compiler, and C++ ones by the C++ one, but all where processed from
the C++ one. The C++ compiler declares to handle C++ *and* C files, so
was winning the auction. The fix was to move the filesets inside the
compilers, instead of having filesets and compilers share the
top-level inside <cc>.

Anyways, this was a previous job, another time ;-) --DD

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