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From Rakesh Patel <>
Subject Re: Help with ftp
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 18:01:05 GMT
Hi guys,

you are not going to believe this!

At the moment my war file is 5mb that i wish to ftp to the server.

Using the recommended library (Common-net) the upload took almost a 
minute. This is quite poor. My colleague then told me he can transfer 
the file using Absolute FTP (a free windows gui client) in less time. 
Luckily the program is bundled with an exe for command line usage and so 
i hooked it up to Ant with the exec task.

That took 30 seconds to do the transfer.

Then i tried the bog-standard Windows ftp client - 13 SECONDS!!!!

So thats what i'm going with. It was a bit tricky setting it up as the 
docs are poor. If anyone wants to see my config let me know and i'll 
post it here.

Very disappointed at the java ftp library.


Michael Giroux wrote:

>FWIW, I had very similar problems using the Eclipse FTP plugin which also
>uses commons-net.  Looking at the traces I discovered that the package seems
>to do a lot of extra commands to set working directory, and list the
>You might try watching the traffic using a TCP Monitor (there is one in the
>apache axis distribution) or a net sniffer to see if you are having similar
>Michael Giroux

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