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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Project Build Strategy Question:
Date Sun, 16 Apr 2006 20:16:23 GMT
Joe Schmetzer wrote:
> Personally, I managed multi-project dependencies in Ant using the
> technique described at
> (though any of the other tools are suitable solutions, as well).
> Although CruiseControl can handle multiple projects, it doesn't
> necessarily understand project dependencies very well (though you can
> fake it with the CC <buildstatus> config element - see
> )
> Cheers,
> Joe

1. I use luntbuild as my CI tool. It does understand the notion of 
interdependent projects, and it is pretty easy to get up and running. 
Not got the Jabber notification to work over google chat though.

2. at work we use two ways to publish artifacts for dependency logic

1: publish to a place
  -publish to a well known place. This puts them into a single location 
where they can be added to the classpath and signed for distribution.
-a final distro target includes the published JARs and some build files 
to let end users sign them for their personal use. It also merges *all* 
the source trees into one fat bundle that, while it wont build, is 
easily browsable.

2. maven2 ant tasks
-these can publish stuff to locations given by project/artifact/version. 
Its good for external dependencies, but for CI builds publishing to a 
single place seems to work quite well too, and with less complexity. I'd 
only advocate the maven2 tasks for
  -adding dependencies on 3rd party libraries
  -if you were planning on publishing to a public repository, such as 
the big one, or one in your own project.


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