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From ar <>
Subject Fail message in a try ... catch
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 08:21:21 GMT
Hi all,

I loop on a fileset and use antcall to call a target for each file.  
Processing file tasks can fail. I use the Ant-Contrib trycatch task to  
make some alternative processing and customize error messages in my catch  
section whenever one task fails (<fail message="..." /> .
I'd like to include the file name in my fail message (@{file} doesn't  
Does anybody knows how I could do that ?

       <trycatch property="processing.file.error">
             <for param="file">
                   <fileset dir="myfiles">
                      <include name="**/*.ext" />
                   <antcall target="process_file">
                      <param name="file.path" value="@{file}" />
             <fail message="Error processing file  
${} " />


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