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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: Re: Maven vs. Ant?
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 12:52:51 GMT
> Can you expand a bit on the fact that you could  not get Maven to work for you.

Remember this was a long time ago, before Maven v1 was fully mature.
I had trouble making it work on a simple project, and didn't get much
help from the mailing list. So I quickly gave up for the short term,
while keeping an eye on it to see how it matured.

> Was it only due to the native stuff,

No, before that. I may have been able to make it work for native
stuff, by extending it the same way I extended Ant (by writing Jelly
and/or Java code). But I saw a beast that I thought was a bit
unwieldly, and hard to trouble shoot. They were (still are?) doing
leading edge stuff like the class loading using classworld I think,
and using Jelly for scripting, and quite a few other external
dependencies, etc... It complicates the picture, and makes for a
higher learning curve. The "it's our way, or the highway" attitude
also didn't help, from some members of the Maven team ;-)

> Also, why could you not have deployed Maven to the users ?

Poor integration with IDEs at the time. And also the fact that the
projects already existed, some quite large, and not following at all
the "Maven way" (TM).

So I was partly inspired by Maven, in the sense that I thought they
were tackling the dependency problem, but they were too-monolithic a

I'm sure some of it is my failure to stick with Maven at the begining,
and never go above the learning curve. Even Ant pre-1.4 didn't stick
with me initially, and I was still doing Makefiles ;-)

I've never looked at Maven2. --DD

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