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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: UnsatisfiedLinkError when invoking native library from junit task
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 13:03:18 GMT
> Presumably you are running <junit> forked? I think you also need to make
> sure that your path and library search path includes the existing env
> variables.

Mostly likely not. The only "right" solution is to <junit fork="true">.

> > Am I going to be forced to look into a nominated directory and preload
> > anything that matches *.so before invoking a non-forked JVM for the unit
> > tests?

That would be a hack, and even then you'd have to load them in the
proper dependency order. I had a too-clever colleague use such an
approach to work around a similar issue in WebStart, but it's very
brittle, and very hacky.

It's not a matter of using LoadLibraryEx or not, since *nix in general
does not allow you to alter the library loading path of an existing

So just fork your tests ;-) --DD

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