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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Maven vs. Ant?
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 14:19:37 GMT
EJ Ciramella wrote:

>>> A private repository being an "internal remote" repository on a
> machine that gets backed up nightly.
>>> Where's the harm in that?

None at all; we actually keep part of our 'private' repo in SVN, so 
everyone who checks out the stuff gets that bit of the repository too.

Remember one goal of maven is for open source development, where 
requirements were probably

-not require a shared filesystem
-keep the number of anonymous log4j files under control
-let you build using things that you cannot keep in your SCM repository

having explicit dependency metadata lets you do fun stuff, like build 
graphs of who depends on what, look for version inconsistencies, 
etc,etc. Where it breaks down is there is no consistent model (in 
computer science, let alone maven) of how to handle change. Maven2 has 
some rules about which version wins (I think closest first, then most 

> ________________________________________________
> Being able to switch versions just by changing property files is nice...
> ________________________________________________
>>> OMG - yes - I do miss this.  
> ________________________________________________
> I worry about its stability, though things are improving. The ant tasks 
> can be a bit up and down from version to version, which implies they 
> dont get tested enough.
> ________________________________________________
>>> no kidding - this is the biggest shortcoming of m2 from my
> standpoint.  M2 is about 1 - 1.5 years away from being really useful
> (and recently I've been forced into this world because....

I dont have enough experience with the rest of m2 to come to an opinion, 
just felt that the ant tasks werent tested that broadly, otherwise 
broken ones would not get out the door. Antunit -its not that hard :)


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