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From "Kenneth McKnight" <>
Subject Trouble getting a merged inline and external manifest
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 22:58:21 GMT
I'm having trouble getting a merged inline and external manifest using
the 'jar' task in ant 1.6.5. The manual says for the <jar> task:

"If both an inline manifest and an external file are both specified, the
manifests are merged."

Here's a code snippet: 

<jar destfile="${dst.file}" manifest="${manifest.file}">
   <!-- Create standard manifest -->
      <section name="${}">
         <attribute name="Product-Version"
         <attribute name="Build-Date" value="${build.timestamp}"/>
         <attribute name="Build-Number" value="${label}"/>
   <!-- Specify files to be included in the META-INF directory  -->
   <metainf refid="metainf.fileset"/>
   <!-- Source includes/excludes passed in from calling build file -->
   <fileset refid="archive.fileset"/>

What I get is just the content from ${manifest.file}. Any ideas why the
nested manifest section isn't getting merged?

ken :)
Kenneth J. Mc Knight
Sr. Staff Release Engineer
Release Engineering
Vitria Technology, Inc.
945 Stewart Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA  94085-3913

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