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From "Peter Reilly" <>
Subject Re: ReplaceRegExp installation / invocation help
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2006 15:45:26 GMT
On 11/7/06, Beims Bob-RWBC70 <> wrote:
> Sorry for the newbie question ... I didn't find a search option @
> and 30+ minutes with
> Google couldn't help me find what I'm looking for ...
> I'm trying to use the ReplaceRegExp ant task in a build file with the
> DITA Open Toolkit ( That should tell
> you that I'm *not* a Java developer; I know just enough about Ant to be
> dangerous.
> I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong in my installation ... here's
> what I've done to try and get ReplaceRegExp to work:
>    1. read the info @
>    2. downloaded the jakarta-oro-2.0.8.jar and jakarta-regexp-1.4.jar
> packages
>    3. placed the class packages in my /ant/lib directory
>    4. included the code below at the end of my dita2xhtml target
> <property name="ant.regexp.regexpimpl"
> value=""/>
> <replaceregexp flags="g">
>   <regexp pattern="(&lt;img
> src=\&quot;)([^\\.]+\\.svg)(\&quot;/?&gt;)"/>
>   <substitution expression="&lt;embed src=\&quot;$2\&quot;
> type=\&quot;image/svg+xml\&quot;&gt;&lt;/embed&gt;"/>
>   <fileset
> dir="${output_base}xhtml${file.separator}${ip_type}${file.separator}${ma
> p_name}" includes="**/*.html"/>
> </replaceregexp>
> (What I'm attempting to do is wrap SVG files in embed tags rather than
> an img tags ... I've tested the regular expression with a GREP utility
> and it does what I want.)

You may need to "quote the quotes"(tm)
Your regex has &gt;, &quot; etc, if these are in the regex you tested
with grep, they need to be quoted for ant (as ant uses XML).

the \\ may need to be replaced with just a single \.
as the \\ is to escape the \ for the shell with using grep
"(&amp;lt;img src=\&amp;quot;)([^\.]+\.svg)(\&amp;quot;/?&amp;gt;)"/
of course it now looks completely like line noise. (xml/regex/xml encoding)

It may be better to use a task that is designed for xml processing:
like: xmltask -
or use xslt.

> When I execute the target, the XHTML transform executes as expected (it
> produces a working set of .html files), but there is absolutely no
> effect from the replaceregexp task ... nothing in the log file, no
> changes to output files ... zilch.

if the regex does not match anything, nothing happens.


> Any clues?
> Bob
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