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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Odd Behavior
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 12:28:36 GMT
Alasdair Young wrote:
> I bought the book "Pragmatic Project Automation" and tried following the
> steps. (There is a free chapter online to do with CC)
> Unfortunately this book is outdated and many of the examples do not
> work, use deprecated methods etc.
> Getting CC working with subversion was also much more painful than it
> needed to be.

mmm. We have a patched version at work that uses the SVN Commits as the 
labels. this makes it easy to go from the web history to getting to a 
build that worked.

> It _does_ work however, and it's actually a good tool. The web-based
> reports and simple emailing of build status work great. As I said, I
> will write up a HOWTO on the whole process once I'm finished with it.

And then maintain it, I hope :)

> - alasdair

I've gone over to luntbuild at work (and in Ant in Action :) for the 
following reasons

-its easy to install
-its easy to configure through the web (with some scalability problems 
on big projects)
-you can do scheduled builds "clean build and performance tests every 
night" alongside SVN-change driven events
-you can make builds depend on each other, so I build some app whenever 
another app is rebuilt (and passes its test)

the web gui doesnt work so well for maintenance once you have many 
projects, but that is something the luntbuild professional offers. 
Overall though, I found it to be the easiest CI tool to bring up *and 
keep running*.

I also use Gump a lot, where apache hosts and runs the open source 
builds. If you dont know of this, look at Its 
how the open source java projects stay in sync (mostly).


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