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From James Abley <>
Subject Re: help! taskdef cannot be found
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 08:25:54 GMT
Probably Sun Java Studio has an embedded instance of ANT, and you've put 
the jars into the wrong place.

Try just defining them according to where the jars are located:

<path id="tomcat.ant.classpath">
location="${catalina.home}/server/lib/catalina-ant.jar" />

         <taskdef name="catalina-undeploy"
                  classpathref="tomcat.ant.classpath" />
         <taskdef name="catalina-deploy"
                  classpathref="tomcat.ant.classpath" />

         <catalina-undeploy path="/path"
                            password="${tomcat.password}" />

         <catalina-deploy war="path.war"
                          password="${tomcat.password}" />

Teasel wrote:
> Anil Philip wrote:
>> I am trying to run the Quartz webapp from Sun Java
>> Studio 8.1 using Tomcat. I am using the ant scripts
>> that come with Quartz webapp.
>> When I try to Run (in Sun Studio 8.1), I get
>> "taskdef
>> cannot be found"
>> the build.xml for webapp is here:
>> Any help appreciated.
>> thanks,
>> Anil
> I'm getting the same error trying to compile my first servlet under
> Fedora5/Tomcat5.5.15/Ant1.6.5
> $ ant
> Buildfile: build.xml
> /var/lib/tomcat5/webapps/test1/WEB-INF/build.xml:147: taskdef class
> org.apache.catalina.ant.DeployTask cannot be found
> Total time: 0 seconds
> I have copied catalina-ant.jar into /usr/share/ant/lib, as instructed
> I have tried jar tvf /usr/share/ant/lib/catalina-ant.jar, and the classes
> are definitely there
> I have tried ant -lib /usr/share/ant/lib
> I have tried exporting ANT_HOME myself, rather than relying on /etc/ant.conf
> I have tried banging my fist on the desk
> ...but nothing seems to work.  If anyone has any suggestions, or pointers to
> documentation that doesn't just say "copy in the catalina-ant.jar file and
> all will be well, they'd be much appreciated!
> Cheers,
> Ian

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