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From Hans Schwaebli <>
Subject RE: Python implementation for Ant
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 21:23:05 GMT
Because I really needed it, I started to use these Ant tasks from 3rd party addons:

- try-catch
- if-else
- var (for using variables and not constants)
- loops

Most scripting languages supports these things natively.

I had sometimes problems with logging and needed to write a own task for changing the log
level. But it still was no perfect solution. There maybe are perfect solutions with Ant and
XML. But they take much more time to find than if using a scripting language, where many of
these problems don't even occur.

"Scot P. Floess" <> wrote: Matt:

Interesting read...

I certainly do see the points being made...but for me, XML is just another syntax - no different
than understanding a Java class syntax, C++, BASH, SQL, etc, etc, etc...

Because the markup is fairly fixed I actually find it easier to remember the notation (thats
just me though)...

Honestly, in the past, I only considered XML as a data markup...  However, I worked on an
11 month project at Lucent for a VoiceXML Gateway and was introduced to both Ant and VoiceXML.
 I was...completely blown away as it never occured to me to use XML for scripting...and was
sold at that time (and still am).  I guess I am just biased now - must be getting old and
set in my ways ;)


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>From: Matt Benson 
>Sent: Feb 8, 2007 1:37 PM
>To: Ant Users List , "Scot P. Floess" 
>Subject: RE: Python implementation for Ant
>Here's a link to Terence Parr's "Humans should not
>have to grok XML" article:
>In it he explains the distinction between XML as a
>data representation format, the use for which it was
>AFAIK intended, vs. as an explicit interface for human
>consumption.  Regardless of your own position, I found
>it an interesting read.  Terence is an example of a
>noted personality in the OSS community who develops in
>Java but has never touched Ant precisely _because_ of
>its XML interface.  So such developers definitely
>exist, thought it's quite possible he is the only one
>whose aversion to human-targeted XML is a strong
>enough deterrent in and of itself.  ;)
>--- "Scot P. Floess"  wrote:
>> I'd have to agree with Rob...  Have you ever looked
>> at Voice XML?  It took is scripting but using XML as
>> the "markup" language....
>> What is your aversion to XML with regards to it as a
>> scripting language?  I personally like it...
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>> >From: "Anderson, Rob (Global Trade)"
>> >Sent: Feb 8, 2007 12:58 PM
>> >To: Ant Users List 
>> >Subject: RE: Python implementation for Ant
>> >
>> >> -----Original Message-----
>> >> From: Hans Schwaebli
>> [] 
>> >> Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2007 3:01 AM
>> >> To: Ant Users List
>> >> Subject: Python implementation for Ant
>> >> 
>> >> What do you think about the XML format used for
>> writing Ant 
>> >> scripts? I don't like it.
>> >>    
>> >>   What about writing Ant scripts in a script
>> language like 
>> >> Python or Jython instead of writing them in XML?
>> I think it 
>> >> would be much more productive.
>> >>    
>> >>   There seems to be a private project for this,
>> but it is not 
>> >> official, not from Apache.
>> >
>> >I have no issues with XML. It seems to work well
>> for me. It is easy to
>> >read, understand, and maintain build files in XML
>> format. I have no
>> >desire to change the way I am currently writing
>> build files.
>> >
>> >-Rob Anderson
>> >
>> >
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