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From <>
Subject AW: How to let the copy-task fail if a fileset is not completely available
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 16:38:07 GMT

I figured out the following construction.

    <macrodef name="copy2dir">
        <attribute name="todir"/>
        <attribute name="filelistid"/>
            <echo message="### Copying filelist to directory [@{todir}]..."/>
            <for param="myfile">
                <filelist refid="@{filelistid}"/>
                    <copy verbose="false" overwrite="true" file="@{myfile}" todir="@{todir}"/>
            <echo message="### Copying finished."/>

    <target name="make-pkg">
        <filelist id="filelist.tmp">
            <file name="/src/alpha"/>
            <file name="/src/beta"/>
            <file name="/src/gamma"/>
        <copy2dir filelistid="filelist.tmp" todir="/tmp"/>

It works fine.
But nevertheless, is there maybe a simpler way to achieve this?


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