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From Cédric CHAMPEAU <>
Subject [Ann] New related projects : Ant WebUI
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2007 09:37:39 GMT
Hi there,

I've developped a tool for my company which relies on Apache Ant : it's
an Ajax-based web application which allows running Ant tasks from an
intuitive web interface. I've managed to get it released open source
(Apache 2.0 licence). Running tasks from the web allows a large variety
of usages. This was initially developped in order to make it simpler to
monitor various services on our production servers : we use Ant projects
which themselves run bash scripts for monitoring, starting or stopping
services. The main goal of this project is to allow the widest range of
applications : monitoring, remote builds, crontab replacement...

The projet also includes a scheduler (Quartz), which makes it easy to
run projects (or tasks) at given rates or dates thanks to a crontab-like

Technically, Ant WebUI relies on the Apache Ant (for running tasks), the
Spring Framework (for glue code, and a smart MVC model) and Echo2
framework for views. Any developper interested in improving this is
welcome as I don't have personnaly much free time to get it better.

Homepage :

Please find attached a patch file to the related projects page.


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