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From "David Kavanagh" <>
Subject Re: buiild.xml & ant
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2007 15:25:46 GMT
I know this isn't helpful, but it sounds like the OEM didn't write a
proper ant task. They should have taken a <fileset> or something
similar in their task so you could take advantage of all the nice
things Ant provides. Is there any way to get the source for the
ndspackage task?  Ant tasks are pretty trivial to write, so taking the
working guts from their task and putting into a proper ant task
shouldn't be that hard.


On 6/16/07, Erica A Ramsey <> wrote:
> hello, it's me again with another problem. I am using tasks provided by oem.
> One of these tasks is the <ndspackage> task. Inside this task I specify
> resource files as follows;
> <ndspackage>
>    <resource name="image1.png" />
> </ndspackage>
> Problem is that I have a macrodef that generates resources. I don't know the
> names of the resource files ahead of time. And they need to specified inside
> of the <ndspackage>; however, I can't nest anything ant tasks, for example
> <fileset>,  inside of it to include the generated files. I even tried using
> a macrodef inside of it and that didn't work either.
> Is there a way to have "ant" preprocess the "build.xml" and have it expand a
> symbol, whose value that I define, before invoking the <ndspackage> task?
> Then I would have the generate resource <macrodef> to create a tmp file and
> append it with the string "<resource name=\"some_generated_rsc.rsc\"/>".
> Then I would use the <loadfile> to read in the element tags into an symbol.
> (I put '<resource name="..." />' and load them into symbol with <loadfile>
> because I can't specify "< or >" inside of "value=" of <property> task. )
> Then I would add the following line to build file;
> <ndspackage>
>    @expand ${generated_resources}
>    <resource name="image1.png" />
> </ndspackage>
> "ant" would expand it into
> <target name="package" depends="compile">
>   <ndspackage>
>      <resource name="gen1.rsc" /><resource name="gen2.rsc" />
>      <resource name="image1.png" />
>   </ndspackage>
> </target>
> and invoke the <ndspackate> task and it couldn't complain because the data
> was expanded before it was invoked.
> Also, I was thinking about creating selfmodifying build file that would
> first <copy> itself, using <replaceregex>, looking  for the "<-- @replace
> me -->" pattern and substitute it with the <resource name=".."/> tags. It
> would copy it to an intermediate build file, build.tmp, and then invoke ant
> on it with the command argument -Dnocopy. This argument would flag the new
> build file not to copy itself again so I don't go into an infinite loop, of
> course I could always strip out the self copy tasks as well. I think that
> this might work but I prefer to use the first method.
> Please, If someone knows a better way please help me. Please note that I am
> trying to use "ant 1.6.1" because that is the environment it must run in.
> Thanks!
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