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From "David Weintraub" <>
Subject Re: classpath issue in <javac> task
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 10:55:22 GMT
You didn't include a code snippet, so it is hard to see what you did.

There is a <classpath> nested element in the <javac> task where you
can specify a classpath either through a "fileset" or via a reference.
You can also use the "classpath=" parameter to specify the classpath.

However, if you do not specify either, it takes the value of classpath
via your environment.

How do you specify classpath? Can you print out the classpath right
before you call the <javac> task to verify that it is set the way you

If you're setting claspath via reference, you can convert the
reference to a parameter and then print the parameter.

<parameter name="classpath.param" refid="classpath.ref"/>
<echo message="My classpath is &quot;${classpath.param}&quot;"/>
<javac ...>

On 1 Jun 2007 08:36:22 -0000, query <> wrote:
> I have created classpath in a build file and using it in the same build file for compiling
java source files.&nbsp;When I checked the log file I found that classfile destination
folder(absolute path of class.dest) was also included in the
> classpath though I had not specified in eg.class.pathAs a result, it creating more class
files.I suspect that this is due to that extra path in classpath.
> Is there any way to exclude that classpath while compiling java source files?
> Log file:
> [javac] Using modern compiler&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [javac] Compilation arguments:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
[javac] \'-d\'&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [javac] \'E:\\samplebuild\\eg\\eg2\\classfiles\'&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
[javac] \'-classpath\'&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [javac] \'E:\\samplebuild\\eg\\eg2\\classfiles;C:\\PROGRA~1\\jdk1.5;E:\\samplebuild\\eg\\eg1\\eg.jar\'&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
[javac] \'-sourcepath\'&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [javac] \'E:\\samplebuild\\eg\\eg2\\sourcefiles\'&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
[javac] \'-g:none\'&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [javac] &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [javac]
The \' characters around the executable and arguments are&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [javac]
not part of the command.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [javac] Files to be compiled:
> Build file:
> &lt;javac srcdir=\"${src.dest}\" destdir=\"${class.dest}\" includeAntRuntime=\"no\"&gt;&nbsp;&lt;include
name=\"*.java\"/&gt;&nbsp;&lt;classpath refid=\"eg.class.path\"/&gt;&lt;/javac&gt;

David Weintraub

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