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From "david" <>
Subject Ant taskdef works in one build.xml but not another
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 13:31:39 GMT
Hello ant dev, gurus and users. I am a long time Ant user but not an expert. I have a curious
situation: I have added the JeraAntTasks.jar to the %ANT_HOME%/lib and have include the following
<taskdef> s to 2 different build.xml. The one build.xml accepts the the taskdefs OK
(included below). The other build.xml rejects the <taskdef>s with the error condition
as displayed below. I have looked at the Ant Wiki and the FAQ but to no avail. I have run
ant -debug in an attempt to catch some difference between the two build.xml but nothing seems
to jump out. Everything is ultimately run at the command-line. All particulars follow. Thanks
in advance and please advise, David.

OS: Windows XP
IDE: Eclipse 3.3 (Europa)
Ant: 1.7.0
ant.home = env.ANT_HOME
Java: 1.6.0_02

<taskdef name="query" classname="com.jera.anttasks.Query"/>

taskdef class com.jera.anttasks.Query cannot be found

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