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From Prashant Reddy <>
Subject javadoc task does not pick up from included filesets
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 09:42:14 GMT
Hello ANT Users,

I have a lot of files from which javadoc needs to be generated. 

Not all java files from a package need to be published in javadoc.

To enable this i use a number of <fileset>s that provide input to
javadoc task.

Something like :

<fileset dir="module1/src">
 <include name=""/>
 <include name=""/>
 <include name=""/>
<fileset dir="module2/src">
 <include name=""/>
 <include name=""/>
 <include name=""/>
.... //More filesets


However to my surprise which i placed in packages is
not included as input to javadoc task. I had to modify the fileset
include to put in

<fileset dir="module1/src">
 <include name="**/"/>

And i had to do this for every file set, violating "DRY".

Shouldn't javadoc task pick this artifact ( given that
this file is meant only for the javadoc tool ? Why should the user have
to explicitly include it ? 

Do ANT-experts think including the where ever its
found too much magic ? 

Thank you

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