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From "Vladimir Egorov" <>
Subject RE: ant-1.6.5; need to add tools.jar to system classpath
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 15:47:20 GMT
Jan, Peter,

Thank you for your replies.

> > Would it make sence to start Ant with a JRE and add the (different)
> tools.jar via -lib?

The goal is to put tools.jar on _system_ classpath. The -lib puts it on
core Ant classpath.

> > >Vladimir is trying to use a different tools.jar than the one that
> > >is in $JAVA_HOME - as the one in $JAVA_HOME is broken.

No the tools.jar is the actual one from the JDK. We need it on system
classpath to work around the class-loading bug in javadoc jdk 1.6.

Sorry I should have been clearer.

> > >ATM I do not see any way other that the one you are using.

Thanks - this is good to know. It would be good to make this generic fix
in ant-1.6.5, as it makes ant.bat script consistent with ant script (as
far as LOCALCLASSPATH goes).

> > >> - If JAVA_HOME points to a JDK it should be on Ants
> > >classpath already.

Yes, JAVA_HOME points to a JDK, but tools.jar is not on system
classpath, even if we add it to CLASSPATH.

> > >> - <javadoc> supports nested sourcepath, classpath and

The actual task that got broken is <jwsc>

It has dependency on javadoc. Our goal is to work around the bug in Ant
environment, rather than telling customers to edit their Ant files, or
editing our internal test files.

Thanks again,


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