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From <>
Subject AW: AW: New to permissions, how do I just let everything do what I want?
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 07:01:02 GMT
> wrote:
>> 1. How do you invoke Ant?
>On the Cygwin xterm command line, as in "ant testDataCompare".

ok, Ant directly - no IDE specific things ...

>> 2. Can you post the snippet of the buildfile invoking that program?
><target name="testDataCompare" depends="build" description="Test the 
>DataCompare tool">

Just a note on the name and description: 
do you really "test" that datacompare tool or do you just run it?

><java classname="com.aptima.util.StringCorrelationFrame" fork="true">
><classpath refid=""/>

Seems to be fine for me ...

>I did some more Googling, and found 'fork="true"' as a fix, but I don't

>understand how this relates to permissions.  So while it now works, I 
>still would like to understand why, and how to fix it "the right way".

>From Ants manual <java>::<permission> :
  "Settings will be ignored if fork is enabled."

>> 3. What is the java code creating this SecurityException?
>It's not so much a particular line of code.  The stack traces mostly 
>show initializers and calls from within ant itself with "permissions" 
>somewhere in the class name.

Without a code snippet I cant test for myself ...

>Can I ask a side question?  What does the subject "AW:" mean?

German version of "RE" ;-)


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