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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: doing antcalls in parallel
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 09:20:15 GMT
weiji wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a few targets set up related to handling Java code.  After the code
> is compiled, I run JUnit tests and generate Javadocs.  Kudos to "Ant in
> Action" with the very handy junitreport setup.

youre welcome :)

   My question is whether it
> would be possible to run the targets in parallel, since I have a few targets
> that don't depend on each other and can take a large amount of time.
> My target looks like this: (the test cases are compiled separately, for now)
>     <target name="allJ" description="Do full build of java sources, docs and
> testing">
>         <antcall target="-init"/>
>         <antcall target="clean"/>
>         <antcall target="javac"/>
>         <antcall target="javac-tests"/>
>         <antcall target="junit"/>
>         <antcall target="javadoc"/>
>         <antcall target="deploy"/>
>     </target>
> We are doing daily interim builds on an early alpha webapp and don't expect
> all tests to pass.  Thus the "deploy" target can occur after "javac", and it
> involves zipping up a large war file and transferring it to a staging
> server.  We'd like to have this occur in parallel with the unit testing and
> javadoc generation.

Ant doesnt really like doing stuff in parallel. What I would recommend 
is something different. Set up a continuous integration server that lets 
you have multiple builds that can depend on each other, then have 
different builds doing things in parallel.

so you have the following builds
   -compile, package, publish using ivy
   -run unit tests
   -create javadocs and other documentation (forrest, open office PDF 
exports, etc)
   -functional tests by copying to a staging machine and testing there.

The CI server manages the dependencies between these big targets, and 
can run them in parallel. More importantly, it can handle failure 
better. If the tests fail, you still get the javadocs, and (if you want 
it) the deployment to the staging site


> Any suggestions are appreciated.
> Thanks,
> KaJun

Steve Loughran        
Author: Ant in Action 

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