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From "Michael Giroux" <>
Subject Re: SSH Authentication Errors
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 03:54:13 GMT
> One of the aspects of <ssh> and <scp> is that they dont print out enough
> useful info on failure. That is partly for security reasons -you dont
> want your entire organisation to be able to read the password in the
> cruise control logs. At the same time, we could do a lot to improve the
> diagnostics that are there right now, if someone was to sit down and
> write the code and the error messages (oh, and the tests )

Another aspect of these tasks is that most of us (at least at my site)
are not experts in ssh and the variety of protection schemes.  While
digging into this problem, we discovered the keyfile option.  It took
a little more than a day for three of us to discover how to use it.

1. point keyfile at our private key file: id_rsa
2. append our public key ( to the authorized_keys2 file in
~/.ssh dir of the target system.

A little more info in the ant docs to describe correct use of keyfile
option would have been very much appreciated.


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